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Public Works Summer Projects
The Public Works Department has an extremely busy construction season scheduled this summer.  As with any street or utility construction, there may be delays or closures in the area.  Please be patient, use caution and pay close attention to flaggers and other construction workers.  Safety of both the workers and the travelling public is of utmost importance in all of our work zones.  Below is a brief synopsis of each project.  If you have any questions about any of the projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-492-6730.  The following is a short description of current projects:

Water Projects
Telemetry – Phase 3 
This is the third phase of a multi-year project to replace the existing Supervisory Control and Data Analysis (SCADA) system used to monitor and control the City’s water pump stations, reservoirs, and control valves.  The majority of the work in this final phase will be installed at the Water Treatment Plant.  This project is currently under construction.

West Avenue Main Extension
This project involves design and installation of a new 24-inch water transmission main from West Avenue to the main reservoir complex on reservoir hill.  This project is currently in design, with construction expected in late 2019 or spring 2020.

Water Treatment Plant Disinfection System Upgrades
The City is in the process of replacing the disinfection system at the Winchester Water Treatment Plant.  The current system converts salt to a chlorine solution that is used as part of the treatment process.  The new system will utilize bulk sodium hypochlorite, which is delivered to the plant as a liquid.  This project is currently in design with construction expected to begin later this year.  

Street Projects
Stewart Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation Edenbower to Aviation
The Stewart Parkway project consists of grinding and repaving roughly 2,600 lineal feet of roadway.  The project will also include the replacement of six sidewalk access ramps to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and the replacement of a damaged storm drainage line.  All work will be complete by September 30, 2019.

2019 Pavement Management Projects
Pavement rehabilitation work will involve a grind and inlay of between 2 to 3 inches depending on the existing thickness of asphalt and condition of the core samples.  The work for all schedules represents approximately ¾ of a mile of pavement rehabilitation.  The project will also include sidewalk access ramp improvements.  The four street sections included in this year’s project are:

  • NE Garden Valley Boulevard from NE Stephens St. to NE Sunset Ln.
  • SE Main Street from SE Hawthorne Dr. to SE Lane Ave.
  • Aviation Drive from NW General Ave. to the Lowes entrance.
  • NE Alameda from NE Vine St. to NE Sunset.

A slurry seal is a very thin layer of aggregate with an asphalt emulsifier applied to a paved surface that is primarily as preventative maintenance to prolong the life of a paved surface.  The following streets are scheduled for treatment as part of this year’s slurry seal project:

                  Street                                                 Section 

Avoy Ct.

Moore St. to Cul de sac

Barager Rd.

Sunset Ln. to Todd St.

Basil St.

Woodside Ave. to Rosemary

Bloom Field Ct.

Cummins St. to End

Bradford Ave.

Carrol Ct. to Broccoli St.

Bradford Ave.

Broccoli St. to Agee St.

Bradford Ave.

Carrol Ct. to Sharp St.

Canterbury Dr.

Lila Ave. to Esquire Dr.

Chinaberry Ave

Ramp St. to Rifle Range St.

Clearwater Ct.

Chinaberry Ave. to End

Clover Ave.

Stephens St. to Kerr St.

Copper Ct.

Fromdahl Dr. to Cul de sac

Cummins St.

200’ S. of Bloomfield Ct. to End

Ella St.

Douglas Ave. to Court Ave.

Excello Dr.

Andrea St. to Andrea St.

Flangas Ave.

Lookingglass Rd. to End

Garrecht St.

Douglas Ave. to Diamond Lake

Gary Ave.

Bradford Ave. to Broccoli St.

Harrison St.

Yale Ave. to End

Junker Ave.

Lincoln St. to End

Kathleen Ct.

Waldon Ave. to End

Lila Ct.

Avery St. to Cul de sac

Moritz Ct.

Keasey St. to Cul de sac

Oakbriar Ave.

Chinaberry Ave. to Rifle Range

Rifle Range St.

N. end to Waldon Ave.

Rosemary Ave

Lookingglass to End

Safron Ave.

Tarrgon Dr. to End

Sunset Loop

Sunset St. to Sunset St.

Sunset St.

Barager Ave. to End

Tarragon Dr.

Woodside Ave. to End

Todd St.

Sunset St. to 105’ S. of Todd St.

Todd St.

House #1889 to Alameda Ave.

Vista Fe Ct.

Rocky Ridge Dr. to End

Waldon Ave.

Ramp to 100’ E. of Rifle Range

Woodside Ave.

Lookingglass Rd. to Tarragon

Youngwood Ct.

Domenico Dr. to Cul de sac

Downtown Streetlighting Improvements Phase 3
This project is currently under construction and involves the continuation of previous improvements in the downtown area. The project includes the following elements:

  • Update existing non-LED antique style streetlighting downtown with LED fixtures.
  • Replace the existing streetlighting on the alley east of the parking structure parallel to Jackson Street with new LED antique style lighting.
  • Install new LED antique style streetlighting on Rose Street between Oak and Lane and on Cass and Lane Street from Rose to Stephens Street.

ARTS and Signal Interconnect Project
The City has received a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation as part of its All Roads Transportation Safety Program (ARTS).  The ARTS portion of the project includes the following improvements:

  • A pedestrian activated warning system and raised median refuge on Stephens Street near Roseland Avenue
  • Pedestrian countdown signal heads on Stephens Street at Edenbower Blvd., Newton Creek Road and Stewart Parkway
  • Pedestrian countdown signal heads on Harvard Avenue at Stewart Parkway, Keady Court, Centennial Drive and Umpqua Street
  • Reflectorized signal backplates on all approaches on Stewart Parkway at the Walmart entrance, Renann, Mercy Drive, Aviation Drive and Airport Road
  • Convert the Stewart Parkway approach from protected/permitted doghouse signal heads to flashing yellow arrow heads at Mercy Drive, Renann Avenue and Airport Road and to protected-only heads at the Walmart entrance and Aviation Drive

The Traffic Signal Coordination and Interconnect portion of the project involves the installation of electrical, telecommunications and programming of existing signals on Stewart Parkway from Walmart to Edenbower.  The intent is to coordinate and improve green wave timing to reduce traffic congestion and improve corridor efficiency.  This project is currently under construction.

Storm Drainage Projects
Storm Cast-In-Place-Piping (CIPP) Project
This project is part of an ongoing effort to rehabilitate storm drainage piping prior to failure to avoid having to replace the pipe.  This year’s project consists of lining approximately 3400 lineal feet of storm pipe ranging from 24-inch to 48-inch diameter.  Construction will take place in the following locations:

  • Black Avenue from Patricia to Crouch Street
  • Crouch Street from Black Avenue across Garden Valley Boulevard
  • Cedar Street from north of Ward to Ward and west to the railroad tracks
  • Hickory Street from Lorraine south to dead end, then west in an easement that runs under Old Melrose to the outfall at the South Umpqua River
  • Lorraine from Lookingglass 570 feet east
  • In an easement on Lithia property east of Willow Street

Airport Projects
Runway 16/34 Edge Lighting Improvements
The City recently received an FAA grant and awarded this project that includes the following improvements at the airport:

Removal and replacement of the existing Runway 16/34 edge lighting system, including new conduit, wiring, base cans, and fixtures

Removal and replacement of the existing Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs), including new conduit, wiring, and REIL units

Removal and replacement of the existing primary wind cone and segmented circle, including new conduit, wiring, and wind cone assembly

Installation of a new supplemental wind cone on Runway 16, including new conduit, wiring, and wind cone assembly

Installation of runway aiming point markings on both ends of Runway 16/34

Due to lead times on materials, this project is expected to be constructed in spring of 2020. 

Obstruction Mitigation and PAPI installation Project
The City has installed a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) at the airport with the hope that it will be approved as a mitigation measure for the terrain obstruction that is Mount Nebo.  The ultimate goal is to increase safety at the airport and to apply for a waiver that will allow the PAPI to be used as mitigation for the terrain obstruction, which would allow reinstatement of the nighttime instrument approach.  In order to complete the obstruction mitigation process, there are trees and utility lines located on private property that will need to be removed and/or relocated.  The City is working with the private property owner to obtain easements to complete this work.  This project is funded through FAA and ODA grants, with the Airport Fund providing matching funds.